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Searching for a way
             to increase sales?      

Many companies are expanding business overseas into untapped locations to include; South East Asia, Canada, America, and Europe, as well. With the assistance of TheJEGroup!, we offer to make the business of selling in overseas markets as smooth and successful as possible.

TheJEGroup! offers to assist worldwide companies to increase sales and to expand internationally by becoming your partner with a simple goal in mind; To successfully increase sales today as well as into the future.

We are positioned to assist small to mid-range companies to incease sales and to develop business opportunities globally.

We also offer international marketing services for companies who plan to expand globally utilizing TheJEGroup!'s business consultants with vast private sector experience.

Additional services include:

  • Sales of product lines. We offer to assist or to train your staff effective methods of selling products overseas.
  • International marketing. For a more long term approach to expanding your products or services overseas, TheJEGroup! offers professional marketing services.
  • Training staff in terms of business communication. We offer to arrive at your office in either Japan, Asia, Canada, or America, to train your staff Business English Communication.
  • Cultural awaeness lessons: Training on how to work and understand people of other cultures. We offer to train your staff on cultural awareness so that selling is easier and much more efficient.
  • Role-play sales calls in English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Swedish, German, or Spanish. We will arrive at your office to train your staff how to utilize the telephone to close the sale. From selling products to conference calls, we offer the best in corporate communication.
  • Writing effective sales letters that get results. Writing sales letters in English can be daunting.TheJEGroup! offers to train on how to write effective business letters for sales, marketing, and general correspondence.
  • Social media; We train your staff how to use Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to increase sales and to market your company brand image.
  • Training on how to handle difficult situations when expanding business overseas.

Want to learn more? Give us a call or simply send a message to: today!

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