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 Why choose TheJEGroup! 

 to locate and secure a job overseas? 

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We enjoy assisting global job hunters to locate and secure roles in Information Technology, Finance, Marketing, Management, Advertising, Design, Engineers, Artists, Hotel & Travel, Health-Care, Entertainment, Hospitality, and General roles as well.

So, why choose TheJEGroup! in your career and goal of living and working overseas in locations like Asia, Japan, Australia, Canada, or America with a company, business, organization, or educational institution offering visa sponsorship? 

For example, in Solution Two, you get:

  • Visa search assistance with companies offering 100% full visa sponsorship.
  • Interview arrangement and set up in Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada, or America.
  • Resume distribution utilizing our global data-bases and international network.
  • Meeting you face to face or via Skype to give you interview practice on a weekly basis until you feel confident to give a great presentation. 
  • Resume and cover letter writing services.
  • Updates and information on the status of your completed interviews.
  • Information about the companies you will be interviewing with before the actual interviews. A great way to sparkle!
  • Career Search Consultation on the local market and other variables that may infulence your job search. We have been working in the Australian, Asian, Japanese, Canadian, & American markets since 1989.
  • Advice on how best to ask and ansewer questions in the interviews for a specific company. We give you the best questions to ask and the best answers to give.
  • Communication with your Career Search Consultant on a weekly basis in order to keep you positive and motivated and upbeat. You can also call your personal career search consultant about your assignment during normal business hours. We are your partner in your global job hunt from beginning to end.

We have been in the business of assisting international job hunters and we know the pit-falls of going it alone. You and your Agent will work together to design a plan on the best possible solution to get you from where you are now to where you want to be with a structured job hunt management plan.

You will be able to attend interviews that TheJEGroup! Career Search Consultants arrange for you ~ to a new career via either Skype or in-person face to face meetings.

We will set up and organize all of the interview automatically and assist you by role playing mock interviews on a weekly basis or until you feel confident to give a great presentation at your interviews. Click and Go! to learn more about how our system works for global job hunters requiring a working visa.

For additional information on TheJEGroup!'s Global Career Search Services, Contact Michael Machida at: today!


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jobs in japan asia america canada visa sponsorship jobs