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 Why choose TheJEGroup! 

 to locate and secure a job overseas? 

7 reasons why global job hunters choose TheJEGroup! to locate and secure a job in Asia, Japan, Canada, or America complete with full-visa sponsorship!

 jobs in japan asia canada america visa sponsorship jobs overseas

jobs in japan asia america canada visa sponsorship jobs overseas


1. Meeting global employers offering full-visa                   sponsorship is made easy!

Global job hunters understand that obtaining a new job overseas must include full-visa sponsorship. This is the number one reason job hunters have chosen TheJEGroup! ~ since 1989. 

We have been in the business of Career Search Consultation for many years and have been assisting global job hunters locate and secure roles overseas by distributing resumes directly to our global network and utilizing our international databases which increases the opportunities of a new job overseas ~ and that is a major advantage in partnering with us. We get the job done.

2. The chance you take makes all the                                 difference in the world

The Career Search Consultants at TheJEGroup! are motivated and that creates a great atmosphere and that creates many opportunies for global job hunters.

The chance to meet global business owners, Presidents, CEO's, Human Resources Directors, Department Managers, International Recruiters, and other hiring authorities grow with every interview we set up for you. That's right. We set up every interview for you. You simply prepare for them with our free Skype training sessons.

Your Career Search Consultant at TheJEGroup! will make sure that you are meeting the right people so that your goals and objectives become a reality as fast as possible.

We make sure that you're not wasting your time and money to find a role that fits within your specifications.

We work with you to locate and secure just the perfect job you are looking for until you are 100% satisfied. Satisfied with the role and the salary you deserve.

3. Significant relationships matter in a global job             hunt

Partnering with a Career Search Consultant at TheJEGroup! can create the kind of networking you need to land a job overseas. We are here in Tokyo, Japan with a global reach in Asia, Canada, America and of course here in Japan.

We provide you with opportunities to meet the best people in our global network. Our international databases and network will give you the best opportunities to meet influential people that are difficult for 98% of other job hunters to meet.

4. Guidance & Recommendations

A Career Search Consultant at TheJEGroup! has over 20 years partnering with international job hunters who are searching for a job to include full visa sponsorship.

The valuable advice you will obtain is priceless and will give you great insights into the world of global job hunting.

The experts at TheJEGroup! will give you the information you will need to know instead of common hear-say. You will not have to search for a job and spend countless hours sending out your resume wondering if it will even be seen by any employer overseas.


visa sponsorship jobs in japan asia america canada job

5. Resume Distribution utilizing TheJEGroup!'s global     network and international databases for the Asian,       Japanese, Canadaian, and American locations.

Our global job hunting clients know that once you send TheJEGroup! your resume, we go to work for you. You can sit back and relax because we do all the job hunting for you, utilizing our connections.

We market you. We promote you. We take your resume and distribute it to global employers who are hiring for the role you are looking for. We target the location and the precise role you want. You give us the specifications and we do the rest.

You don't need to do anything but prepare for your interviews that we set up for you. And the best part is, you do not have to take any job that you are not fully satistied with. You pick the job you want from what we have delivered to you. This gives you peace of mind and actually puts the job hunter in control. Not the employers. Now that's a plus!

6. Determination is key

You will feel confident in yourself by working with TheJEGroup! due to the fact that as your partner ~ we open doors for you in Asia, Japan, Canada, and America.

We make sure that you're going strong and remain up-beat throughout the job hunting process. As your partner in your international job hunt, we promise to be 100% dilligent with your assignment on a daily basis until it is fully complete.

Our job is to manage your career search from beginning to finalization. You have a global partner in your career that is un-matched by any other organization. We are not recruiters. We are Career Search Consultants, and that means we work for you. Not the companies that are looking for specific people. We turn the tables and you choose which company you want to work at.

7.  Success

TheJEGroup! will assist you to become a success by working with you to land a role in Asia, Japan, Canada, or America with a business, company, organization, or educational institution offering full visa sponsorship.

We work with our clients in a friendly and polite manner which makes the job hunt a positive procedure instead of a dreaded thing of the past.

Oh, and one more thing! Every job hunting assignment is fully covered by a contract that keeps you and TheJEGroup! focused on a successful outcome. Our role with you is that of partner. As as a partner, we want what you want. Success!


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jobs in japan asia america canada visa sponsorship jobs