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MICHAEL MACHIDA | Financial jobs | Accounting jobs

Searching for financial jobs? We are TheJEGroup! working for our global clients to locate and secure interviews for jobs  in finance in Asia, Japan, Canada, and America since 1989.

I'm the owner and lead consultant of TheJEGroup! and I'm originally from from America, born on the East Coast however have travelled across Asia, Japan, Canada, and America meeting the hiring authorities that matter most.

I primarily came to Japan through my personal ambition of living and working overseas. I've been in Japan now for over 17+ years and most of that time has been spent building my own business, TheJEGroup! or

What is your consulting style like?

Consulting is all about establishing and maintaining positive relationships, as well as a strong basis of trust. This involves taking the time to know and understand the needs of clients and candidates alike and by keeping them informed of relevant, useful information in terms of their job hunting assignments.

When I'm speaking with candidates, I like to ensure that I am contacting them with something of particular use whether it be a role for them or market focused information. 

We work much like a partner with our clients keeping them informed and working closely with them to get them the positions they want with the salary they deserve. And if candidates require a working visa, we assist them with that endeavor as well.

What is the secret to career success?

I believe a successful career begins with having clear goals in mind and a focus and then lay the groundwork to reach the goals. This can be done by educating yourself and ensuring your skills are up to date with modern requirements. However, it is also done by being open to change. Whether this change comes in the form of advancement in their current workplace or by moving to a new one, to be successful requires being open to these possibilities.

We offer more than just job hunting services. We make sure you are mindful of all of the possibilities.

What do you do in your free time?

Time is very important to me. Every second counts. I'm either swimming or urban hiking around Tokyo to stay fit and sharp, or attending formal meetings in and around Asia, Japan, Canada, or America to stay informed and networked and to stay tuned into the employment trends in terms of who's hiring and who may be down the road.


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