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TheJEGroup! offers interview practice to those who are looking for an English speaking job in Japan or overseas however, would like to have a professional Career Search Consultant meet you via Skype or Face to Face in order to improve on your English and interviewing skills so that you are confident and well prepared for the all too important interviews. Practice your English and interview skills for an Engish Speaking job in Japan, Asia, Canada, or America.

Everyone requires interview practice in order to improve on their business English speaking communication skills for interviews and in daily business situations as well. If what you are looking for is English speaking practice and interview training for a job in Japan, Asia, or America, TheJEGroup! has assisted global job hunters improve on their English speaking skills for jobs in Japan, Asia, & America since 1989.

We meet global job hunters who wish to improve on their all around business English speaking abilities. Interviewing for a job in Japan, Asia, & America is not an easy task. To improve on your chances to get a great job utilizing your English speaking skills for a job in Japan, Asia, Canda, or America, contact a Career Search Consultant to arrange an interview training session today!


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To purchase a full hour of TheJEGroup!'s interview practice session with a professional Career Search Consultant, Click and Go! for only $18.98 + tax  Remember, "...practice makes perfect "


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For additional information, contact TheJEGroup! today to ask questions about our interview training sessions by a professional Career Searech Consultant.


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