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Thank you for visiting us. We love visitors! Who are we and what do we do? And most importantly, how does what we do ~ enhance your life? I mean, what's in it for you? Good questions for those of you who are not familiar with us. You see, since 1989, we have been offering professional Career Search Consultants who assist global job hunters to live and work across Asia, Japan, and America. That's right! We have a vast network of employers and an international database of amazing recruiters, department head managers, human resources specialists, and other hiring authorities as well.

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with Michael Machida | Lead Career Search Consultant

And all of them are connected with us as part of our system to meet the best people for the roles they offer. Usually, the roles that they all have are not listed online or in newspapers or magazines. It's better for them to utilize our system in a private and convenient way. A method that has been a success since 1989.

They all work with us as a team to find people who might want to work overseas or domestically. So, if you require full visa sponsorship, we offer to assist you there as well. Many of our connections offer full visa sponsorship. And many of our connections around the world are happy to meet people who can manage, lead, and take part their success.

If this sound good to you, stick around and learn more about how we work with job hunters across Asia, Japan, and America in 2021 and beyond.


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We also do a lot of other really cool things for our members. For example,  enable talented people who want to work in the entertainment business. For example, Actors, Actresses, Dancers, Vocals, Fashion Models, Fine Oil Painters, Musicians, Bands, Designers, and other Artists as well.

Let’s see. What else do we do? We also have a Sales & Marketing team that can take your products or services to the next level. We are poised in a way that your online or location based store can benefit from our ability to work across Asia, Japan, and America opening up markets for you. Our team of highly skilled professionals have been in the business of domestic and overseas Sales & Marketing since 1989. If what you want is to increase your bottom line, connect with TheJEGroup! for a confidential conversation about your company and how we may be able to assist you to grow.

PODCAST: Success Stories!

with Michael Machida | Lead Career Search Consultant


We know, this is a lot to take in. That’s why we have chosen to create this website into an online magazine so that we can add images from around the world and on the spot photojournalism. This is a work in progress and will be upgrading our site as time permits. However, with the end of COVID in sight, we are getting busy with many of our lines.

So where can you find us? We are on just about every social media platform to include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, and Youtube. You can learn more about us if what you want to do is to either find a job, become a talented artist, hire a photographer, learn a new language, or share your profile with us to meet new people around the world.


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Singles Hike to Mt. Takao.

If you find yourself single and wishing to make new friends, join us! TheJEGroup! offers a day hike to Mt. Takao for people who wish to climb an amazingly beautiful mountain while mingling with new friends who also love to travel, exercise in the great outdoors, and meet people just like you along the way. By the way, Mt. Takao is located in Japan. So, if you are in Japan or will be visiting Japan in the future, contact TheJEGroup! to be added to the list of available singles.


Want advice on how to prepare for life overseas? Interested in learning where to take your career? CareerWorks by TheJEGroup!

If what you want is to meet a Career Search Consultant by Skype or Zoom to learn more about how you can live overseas or gain insights into your career path by a professional Career Search Consultant, contact TheJEGroup! today to move your job hunt in the best direction fast!


PODCAST: Change Your MindSet 

with Michael Machida | Lead Career Search Consultant


Pro Bono | Help give a new career to the underprivileged

TheJEGroup! Career Search Consultation Fund was recently established for job hunters to locate and secure a new role globally, and to ensure a sustainable future for TheJEGroup!, while maintaining the highest levels of career search assistance to people in need. People who have little resources and require your generosity to help them to locate and secure a new job so that they might provide for their families. The job hunters are vetted by TheJEGroup! to be certain of their ability to work in roles that they can acheive additional training and education while offering their labor, skills and experience already inherent. Everyone we assist utilizing this fund, will go toward the underprivileged on an international scale. 

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Since we have a database and network that includes thousands of people

that have been vetted by a Career Search Consultant in person and online

as well, credentials were verified, language levels were tested, and all had

background checks and have passed.

What does all this mean? Well, by partnering with TheJEGroup! you do not

need to advertise online paying costly fees anymore. You do not need to waste

time making costly telephone calls or sending emails to candidates as well.

You do not need to interview multiple times since we take the task of locating

the best candidates for you and conduct an indept examination before you 

meet potential new employee's.


To learn more, contact  TheJEGroup! for a confidential conversation regarding

your business, your requirements, and how we may be able to meet them. 

When sending us a message, please include your business name, your name,

your general questions, and we will call you within one hour of reading your



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Get your resume Blasted to thousands of employers over night while you sleep!

That's right! You don't need to sit behind your computer for days and days sending your resume to employers anymore with TheJEGroup!' ResumeBlastPro. In 2021, many are using our system of resume distribution due to the fact that your resume will be distributed directly to the companies you want to work with. Contact TheJEGroup! to learn more or Click & Go! to: BlastMyResumeNow!

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with Michael Machida | Lead Career Search Consultant


We are hiring!

Sales Representatives Wanted: Remote roles available. To learn more about this role, contact Michael Machida at: +81.50.5806.8319  Monday - Saturday | Japan Local Time


TheJEGroup! | +81.50.5806.8319 JPN | 1.917.720.3664 America